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Round TUIT Fencing


SINCE 1998


Round TUIT Fencing is a family-owned fence company based in Rector, AR. We would like to introduce ourselves to you and give you a peek into our background so that when you meet us you will be dealing with friends instead of strangers. I’m Jeff Ensz, the owner of Round TUIT Fencing. I was born and raised on a farm tucked in the rolling hills of Central Alberta, Canada. Milking the cow, feeding the pigs, and tending cattle in every season, especially through our cold Alberta winters thrown together with parents who provided us with a strong set of spiritual and family values shaped my childhood.

I found my wife, Michelle, down in Georgia. Her family’s farm was primarily a row crop farm, raising corn, cotton, soybeans, and peanuts, with a few cattle added in on the side. Hours were spent playing in the cornfields with the neighbor kids, running through the irrigation pivot spray on those hot summer days, and filling buckets to feed the cows. Her upbringing mixed with a strong family foundation of love and faith, contributed to making her the true Georgia peach she is to me.

We have lived in Alberta, on the farm I grew up on, first renting it from my parents then later buying it. We also lived in Georgia, alongside Michelle’s family where we got a variety of experiences including teaching school, being a building contractor, and custom fencing. Our family also spent about 3 years in Ethiopia as missionaries, which we counted a special privilege, learning to see life from an entirely different perspective.

Some years ago we settled here in Northeast Arkansas. Our family purchased a cattle farm and experienced financial success to facing temporary hardships. After which, we started a handyman and custom fencing service. Our wonderful community reached out to support us.

Today we together with our energetic team are striving to serve this great community with quality fences and quality experiences. We intend to serve you by the quality of our work, the quantity of our work, & the spirit in which we do our work! 

Your support is felt and very very much appreciated!

Thank-you! Jeff & Michelle & the team at Round TUIT Fencing  

Round TUIT Fencing is proud to serve the fencing needs of Northeast Arkansas. Contact Round TUIT Fencing – where quality meets customer satisfaction.